Why Ride A Smart Ebike?

Hey guys, this is the first post of the Fiido Insight section, and we've long thought about what we should share with you (because there's so much we can't wait to share with you). Since the column is called "Fiido Insight," let's start with one of our main observations so far.

*When Technology Meets Riding

Those of you who have been following Fiido's upcoming new products this year must have noticed that one of the most significant differences is that ebikes feature more technology than ever before.

So, what is a smart e-bike? It's really just shorthand for any e-bike with some level of wireless connectivity. The concept of a "smart e-bike" with connectivity has been discussed for years. You may have seen concept e-bikes with various innovative features at trade shows, but they rarely make it into the real world. However, there are signs that the world of smart e-bikes is finally waking up.

If you're an Ebike enthusiast, you'll have noticed that accessory suppliers like Shimano and Bosch have been announcing third-party wireless devices since 2020 and that some other Ebike brands are launching smart e-bikes, albeit at higher prices. Therefore, we'll undoubtedly see more smart e-bikes in the coming years.

Fiido has also developed its own e-bikes and the corresponding software packages since 2021. In the face of the expensive smart e-bikes currently on the market, we are wondering if it is possible to create a smart e-bike that is friendly in price but with a high level of functionality.

You can always trust Fiido because we did it.

*The latest Fiido mid-mounted modular instrumentation

Starting in 2023, Fiido will equip all new products with the latest Fiido Mid-Mount Modular Meter. This is our new controller that provides the ultimate in simplicity in exterior styling and operator interface, making it easy on the eyes. You can expect a beautiful LCD screen that displays vital information at night or in direct sunlight. Its bright backlit buttons make using the controls effortless in any light condition. In addition, it can be easily maintained and has a waterproof rating of IP67 for all-weather reliability.

*About Proximity Start

In the automotive industry, proximity start has been well-tested and applied to many vehicles. The convenience and added security add value and a more pleasant user experience.

But would this technology work on an Ebike and add similar benefits? The answer is yes. Fiido C21 Pro and C22 Pro are the first to upgrade the experience of this feature; as long as you are near the bike, the bike can be unlocked automatically. This is convenient and saves trouble, but it also eliminates the likelihood of forgetting the key, preventing you from riding.

*Explore your Fiido app and smartwatch

Any technology upgrade needs to be backed up by quality software and hardware. The Fiido C21 Pro and C22 Pro are no exception, with the introduction of the Fiido App and Fiido Smartwatch. Together these will further enhance your life and the way you cycle. These monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, and other valuable data while cycling. They also provide connectivity with e-bike enthusiasts worldwide, so you will enjoy a richer experience and unlock the potential of your Fiido e-bike.