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Tolles Fahrrad

Fiido C11 City E-Bike
Lothar Richter
Gutes Ebike

Ich bin mit einer Ausnahme mit dem Ebike sehr zufrieden. Störend ist der sehr laute Motor. Es ist hochwertig verarbeitet und sieht sehr gut aus. Der Hinterradmotor gibt richtiges Speed auf die Pedalen. Der Motorhebel ist in Deutschland nicht zulässig und ich habe ihn deaktiviert, was sehr einfach geht. In zwei Wochen muss sich das Bike bei einem Fahrradurlaub beweisen.


Initially worried about delivery time but eventually turned up within a week or so.
Very easy to unpack and put together. Found the cable connection a bit fiddly. Powerful and fun bike to ride.

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike
Stephen Mccarthy Heffernan
Unstartable Electric Bike

The team are great and are helping me navagate the E_bike as it won't start. It was a month and a half late in delivery. I'm hoping to get this issue sorted SOON

Dear valued customer,

Greetings! Thank you for choosing Fiido. I have forwarded your concerns to our customer service team at Fiido, and they will promptly address your issues. Please rest assured that enhancing user experience is of utmost importance to the Fiido team, and we are continuously optimizing our processes. Once again, we sincerely appreciate your choice of Fiido.

Best regards,
The Fiido Team

Fiido Controller for M1 Pro

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike
Malgorzata Summersgill
Great little bike

Arrived approximately 4 weeks after ordering, easy to assemble, build quality very good. Brakes excellent and good turn of speed, like the throttle and assist options very much. Only thing that I was expecting and wasn't there was the pump inside the seat stantion but maybe that was just the continental bikes not UK spec. Otherwise highly recommend this bike


I’m very happy

Good ride for reasonable price

Very nice design compared to older models. Only you should worry about possible battery walk-away when leaving unattended…

#UK4620 Tomas

Grat bike i lobwš

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike
António Gonçalves

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike

Great bike,but came without the pump.

Fiido Handyhalter
Andreas Bachmann

Ich bin diese Halterung gut zufrieden

Ma livraison de pieces

Bonjour la livraison assez rapide et conforme a la commande. Avez vous une revue technique pour remplacer les plaquettes de freins merci

Cher client,

Bonjour, nous vous remercions d'avoir choisi Fiido. J'ai transmis vos préoccupations à l'équipe du service client de Fiido, qui vous répondra dès que possible pour résoudre votre problème. Veuillez croire que l'expérience utilisateur est la priorité absolue de l'équipe Fiido, nous travaillons constamment à améliorer nos processus. Encore une fois, merci d'avoir choisi Fiido.

The Fiido Team


Fiido bike is the best ever been made 1 on the 1 i love it 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 very strong bike

Fiido d3 pro

Brilliant little bike, I. 6' and 18 sto e and I love this little bike.. Brilliant.

Love my new bike

Love my new bike it’s great!!! Getting me motivated and ready exercising more
Thank you so much

Fiido phone holder
Marco Ballotari

Fiido phone holder

écran Fiido L3
Khaled ismail Amar

Très bon

Great bike

For the money does what it says on the tin, service was amazing kept me informed all through my order customer service got started back to me with any questions I had

Brilliant little bike

For a smaller EBIKE thus little fiido d3 pro is absolutely brilliant fir commuting on.

Das Fahrrad ist einfach toll, aber…

Das Fahrrad an sich hat alle unsere Erwartungen übertroffen! Leicht, schnell und fahren mit dem macht einfach Spaß! Aber leider wurde es mit Kratzern geliefert!

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

Hallo, und vielen Dank, dass Sie sich für Fiido entschieden haben. Wir bedauern sehr, dass es aufgrund von Transportproblemen zu einer unangenehmen Erfahrung gekommen ist. Ich habe unsere Kundendienstabteilung benachrichtigt, damit Ihr Anliegen bearbeitet wird. Sie werden Ihnen entsprechend dem Zustand Ihres Fahrrads eine angemessene Entschädigung anbieten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ihr Fiido-Team

Super Cityrad

Ich bin vom Rad begeistert, es war hervorragend verpackt und alles Zubehör zur Montage des Rads war dabei. Zusammenbauen, losfahren und glücklich sein. Für einen fairen Preis.

Fiido Electric Bike Inner Tube for T1/M1/M1pro/ M21

Fiido Ebikes PR & Video Reviews

Fiido X Folding Electric Bike With Torque Sensor


Stylish E-Bike Fiido X Is Foldable and Ideal for Short Commutes

The Fiido X e-bike isn't complicated to use, but it does present a little complexity with regard to who, exactly, it's intended for. It has the sensibility of a standard bike that could be used for exercise or fitness. But it also has the power to carry people farther than they might want to travel on their own strength. This e-bike is a bridge, blending the sport of biking with modern commuting needs.

Fiido X is a foldable, seven-gear Class 1 e-bike. The 350-watt motor version sold in the U.S. comes with a top speed of 15 miles per hour, but that can be unlocked to go up to 20 mph. All its power is funneled into pedal-assist riding with no throttle for simply cruising. The bike has a nimble feel to it on the road, thanks to its 20-inch wheels and minimal frame. It oozes style with its sleek design, but at the end of the day, it's clearly function over form. That function is portability.

Before getting into specifics and detailing my time with the e-bike, I should mention that the original Fiido X was recalled in early 2022 for its potential to break in half—not good. The unit I rode was a version two, so to speak, that had the flaw addressed and has been tested to exceed the EN19154 standard. Along with the structural improvements are also enhancements including a full Shimano transmission kit, added settings to the on-board display and other minor tweaks from front to back.



Easy to fold to compact size
Attractive design that's nimble to ride

The bike could use more power for hills and inclines
Lacks comfort after riding for long periods of time

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Fiido D11 Folding E-bike


The Fiido D11 Folding E-Bike Is Both Affordable and Stylish

My biggest pet peeves with e-bikes are the size, weight and cost. The Fiido D11 addresses all of these. 

The Fiido D11 is a 38-pound folding e-bike priced at $1,099 (£820, AU$1,536). While that might not sound lightweight or cheap, consider the fact that its predecessor, the Fiido X (currently on our best list), weighs 43.7 pounds and costs $1,799. 

Both Fiido bikes come equipped with disc brakes and are easy to ride with or without pedal assistance. The X is a more polished and refined version of the D11 with a more powerful motor (350-watts) and a faster top speed (20 mph). However, the D11 is lighter, less expensive and has a pedal-assist function to get it up to 15 mph (it has a throttle, too). It also has an electric horn compared to the X's bell. 

After several months of riding it, I can honestly say it's great. It folds small enough to store in a corner or the trunk of a car, and it can easily be carried up a flight of stairs. Its unique seat tube battery placement minimizes down-tube bulk and balances the bike. This design also makes it more manageable to lift and fold. 

Sure, the X has some design advantages, including a passcode locking system and the integration of lights and wiring into the frame. But, if you're looking for a sleek-looking commuter or a compact bike that's practical, professional and more affordable, the D11 fits the bill. 

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Fiido C11 city E-bike


Ridden: Fiido C11 – the Very Elegant and Affordable City E-Bike

The best part about the search for that perfect something is the journey itself. As far as looking for the perfect city e-bike, Fiido would like you to stop and put your foot – and your money – down on the C11. You won't regret it, pinky swear.

The Fiido C11 is the newest addition to the company's lineup, an upgrade on the Fiido D4S, put together with feedback from the loyal community of Fiido riders as a sort of present to them on the company's 8th anniversary. When you get your start on crowdfunding, you reach a new level of understanding and a different rapport with your customer base, and Fiido knows to value this relationship accordingly.

That said, the C11 is a bit more than just an organic evolution of an older model or yet another city bike from a whole lot of city e-bikes available today. It's a beautiful and well-made product on its own, and one that stands out for its versatility and reliability. Perhaps more importantly, it does so at a price point that, as of this writing, is near-unmatched.

The Fiido C11 is one of the hottest-selling models in the entire lineup, and that alone should serve as confirmation of the above. As far as affordable and quality city e-bikes go, you can't go wrong with this one.

Design Evaluation

The Fiido C11 is "the best electric bike offering comfortable and safe riding," according to the maker. I can't speak to it being the best for the simple reason that I haven't tried them all out, but I can speak to it being comfortable and safe.

The C11 is a step-through e-bike with front suspension, a battery integrated flush into the downtube, a very light Velo saddle, and a surprisingly powerful motor. Riders of the C22 or C21 model will find many of the things they love imported to the C11, as well as the same quality execution for the entire bike.

Ever since it brought its products to the international e-bike market – after that crowdfunding start a few years ago – Fiido has been diligently working on building a brand. Today's e-bikes that are stamped with the name on the frame share the same design DNA, the same subtle touches that make the products distinctly Fiido products, and the same attention to detail. We're still talking about mid-level bikes but with little perceived compromise in terms of quality for the average user.

Like all bikes from Fiido, the C11 ships 85% assembled, so putting it together at home is possible even with minimal knowledge in this sense. To make things even easier for customers, Fiido offers plenty of online support in the form of video tutorials, easily accessible by scanning the QR code on the bike, and in the attached literature.

Great care is also shown in the packaging, with a reduced amount of plastics, which is always a nice touch. Anyone can talk a big game about wanting to save our planet by getting more people on bikes (and presumably out of cars), but not all of these will go the extra mile to reduce the plastic in the protective covers. Fiido does.

The standard package includes the bike, a tool kit for assembly, the front light, the fenders, the pedals, a rear rack, and a charger with an adapter. A novel touch with the charger is that it now integrates a small fan that stops when the light turns green and the battery is full to prevent overheating.

Additionally, you can add a front rack, panniers, a rear bag, or a phone holder, but bear in mind that total payload is 120 kg (264.5 lbs), including yourself. The bike tips the scales at 24.5 kg (54 lbs) in the standard configuration, which makes it heavier than either of the C21 or C22 models, but not too heavy for a rider who would have to carry it inside a city apartment for storage, for example. Where there's a will there's a way, and all that.

Power comes from a rear hub 500W motor with 55Nm of torque, limited electronically to 250W to remain road-legal in EU states but delivered unlocked to other territories. The 500Wh battery is good for an estimated range of up to 90 km (56 miles) in the lowest PAS (pedal assist) mode or 50 km (31 miles) in throttle-only mode. Like all range estimates, this one, too, is dependent on rider weight, riding conditions like weather and terrain, and riding style.

Without being as artsy or pretentious as premium e-bikes, the C11 is a pretty bike, offered in either pearly white or that gorgeous turquoise green Fiido first introduced on the X model. It's a beautiful bike designed both for good handling on city streets and for the eye.

Real World Application

If you've ever done the daily commute by bike and you happen to live in a city where infrastructure could use some improvements, you know the pain (*literally) of getting home at the end of the day with a sore butt. The C11 tries to mitigate that with a front fork suspension with 40 mm travel and large 28 wheels.

You'll still feel the vibrations, especially with the heavier, more rigid frame and the skinny tires. But take the C11 on the street, and it will fly, with help from the 6-gear Shimano derailleur and even without motor assistance.

However, since you're paying the extra cash for a motor-assisted bicycle, you might as well make the most of it, so the C11 brings five levels of PAS (ranging from Eco to Turbo+), the ability to travel by throttle only as long as you hold the thumb throttle down, and a couple of surprises best reserved for private land in the EU countries. The motor can be unlocked to its full power, while Cruise Control allows you to ride without pedaling in throttle mode.

Maximum speed in locked mode is 25 kph (15.5 mph), but the C11 is capable of hitting 40 kph (24.8 mph) on motor only with the restrictions off.

The C11 comes with a simplified cockpit, featuring a small color display on the left handlebar, which remains perfectly visible even in direct sunlight. It holds the power button, the "M" button that grants access to the stats menu, the "Up" button to go through PAS levels, and the horn. Certain combinations of buttons offer control of the headlight and unlock the motor. A "Down" button would have come in handy for PAS levels.

The bike immediately connects to the Fiido app when you turn it on, which means you can do more monitoring and settings adjustment here. If you already own or you buy a Fiido Mate watch, you can link the two so the bike will start on approach, without you having to physically press any more buttons.

The C11 handles well in city traffic, whether pedestrian or vehicular, on dedicated cycle paths, asphalt, or paved roads. I've read that some customers found it comfortable and stable on gravel, but I would beg to differ: you will live to tell the tale, don't get me wrong, but it's not the most enjoyable experience. This bike is made exclusively for city streets.

The motor is surprisingly powerful and relatively quiet. The bike itself is quiet, so there'll be no squeaks or rattles, or any other noises to take away from the pleasure of riding it. Estimated range is as advertised, at least with the new battery, which is the best you can expect from any OEM, not just this one. The battery is removable and lockable to the frame by key, for a plus of convenience by charging indoors.

Because the C11 has a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor, you will feel a slight difference in the way the motor kicks in. For the average user in a real-life scenario, this means a slight delay in motor assistance when he or she might need it the most – like, say, when starting from a dead stop on a slight incline. In these situations, the throttle is a lifesaver, especially if you're in a higher gear.

In standard spec, the C11 is the complete package for the daily commute: the headlight is bright, the horn is very loud (and annoying, which is a blessing in certain situations), brakes are hydraulic, and the taillight integrates a brake light.

The handles are fuzzy, anti-slip silicone, so you won't have to wear cycling gloves if you don't want to (or they don't match your outfit for the day), and the riding position is super comfortable. The Velo saddle was developed with Fiido and features extra ventilation for hot days thanks to mesh-like sections. This means less padding, but choosing between a sweaty butt and a slightly sore butt on a workday is a moot point.


We can talk all we want about that ideal, perfect bike – the unicorn that would be a sum of all the great things we could ever want from a two-wheeler, topped with a price tag we can afford. Unicorns don't exist in real life, but with e-bikes, we do have a variety of alternatives to choose from according to budget and needs.

The C11 was designed as a city e-bike with some modularity, solid range, and extra reliability compared to similarly priced models and an affordable price tag. It is all these things, which warrants Fiido's not-so-humble brag about having delivered "the best" city e-bike. It's nimble and stable, easy to ride even without motor assistance, and with a powerful motor that ensures you will get to wherever you need to be on time – and with zero effort, if that's your thing.

As our cities are growing more crowded, congested, and polluted, the C11 is here to give you – and your wallet – a break. That sounds like a sales pitch but it's not: give it a try and you'll see. The Fiido C11 is now on offer at €899/$899, discounted from €1,099/$1,099.


Excellent value for money
One-size-fits all frame & good-looking design
Very comfortable & nimble
Powerful (surprisingly so for EU riders)
Good range
Hydraulic brakes
App & smartwatch connectivity
Excellent visibility on the display
Quality finishes


No down button for PAS
Rating: 5 / 5

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Fiido E-Gravel C21 Electric Bike


Riding the Fiido C21 Egravel Bike
The world of e-bikes is evolving on many fronts, including sports. This time, we took out the lightweight C21 Egravel Bike from Fiido, equipped with a flat handlebar.

We can immediately give a solid judgment about its lightness. The C21 is too big for our old kitchen scale, so we used a weighing hook, which registered at 18 kg (including fenders and pedals). This is indeed a lightweight in the e-bike class. This lightness is partly due to the small internal 208 Wh battery, which saves a significant amount of weight.

But before we go further, let's first introduce the Fiido C21.

The Fiido C21, as mentioned, is a lightweight e-bike designed for gravel paths and primarily feels at home on a mix of asphalt and off-road adventures. Occasionally tackling a dry piece of singletrack is always possible, but with the lack of front suspension, you might get quite shaken up. For the masochists among us, this is no problem, and due to its short geometry, the bike also allows for lively maneuvering on the trails.

Unpacking and Assembly:
Before we can hit the road with the bike, we first need to assemble it. This isn't much work. You install the handlebar, front wheel, and seat, and you're almost ready to go. The most time-consuming task was mounting the fenders, as there were no good instructions included, so we had to peek at the photos on the Fiido website. After mounting the pedals, lights, and display, we were ready to roll. All in all, it took less than forty-five minutes.

At first glance, the bike looks neat. Fine welds, internal cable routing, a quick design, and a sleek finish. The display integrated into the stem makes it a bit different from what we're used to. The bike is delivered complete with fenders and lights at both the front and rear. We pump up the tires, put a drop of oil on the chain, and are ready for the first test ride.

As soon as we drive off the driveway, it's noticeable how smoothly the bike rides, but a picture speaks a thousand words, so check out the YouTube video below for a ride impression of the C21.

First Impression:
For our first test ride, we decide to do a range test against wind force 4. We'll ride against the wind until the internal battery is drained. Then we switch to the external battery and ride back home.

We ride off the driveway, and the first thing noticeable about the bike is that it responds lightly and accelerates quickly. The torque sensor kicks in immediately upon pedaling and performs admirably. Actually, it's much better than we expected, and in this price range, it's one of the best torque sensors we've ridden with. The pedaling and riding feel, in the Eco mode, is very natural, and the bike has, as the name implies, a sporty character.

Since the bike (without Range Extender but including pedals and fenders) weighs only 18 kilos, you can easily roll away with it. The geometry is classic, giving the bike an active feel. Not only is the geometry classic, but so is the appearance. The Mivici M070 hub motor is somewhat hidden behind the 11-32 cassette. At first glance, the bike hardly looks like an e-bike. The cables run through the frame, and the welds are smoothly finished for looks.

We pedal on, and the Mivici hub motor quietly does its job. There isn't much noise from the motor, and with just a soft hum, we continue our journey. The motor has more than enough power for us, and on Eco mode, it could even deliver a bit less power. We saw no need to use more than the Eco mode on the relatively flat terrain. On some 20% inclines, we still roll up quite easily in Eco mode. Tuning the motor via the Fiido App could provide a solution here. Tuning for personal use and a true Eco mode to save battery life. The bike rolls so lightly on its 40 mm CST Gravel tires that with some tuning, a lot more kilometers could be extracted from the 208 Wh battery.

After 45 kilometers of riding against the wind (at least force 4), the internal battery is also empty. The large 52-tooth chainring also doesn't help to save consumption and is too large for this type of bike. A 44-tooth chainring would be more suitable. Especially if you want to test the bike, like us, in South Limburg or around De Meinweg. Since the bike suits us well and we expect to make quite a few kilometers with it, we have already ordered a 44T. This will be installed next week and will only benefit the bike.

The Return Trip and Components:
We turn the bike with the wind and switch to the Range Extender. The finish of the bike is fine. A 9-speed rear derailleur with an 11-32 cassette handles the shifting. The brand, L-Twoo, of the shifter and derailleur we've never heard of, but the shifting happens with a clear click and feels fine. The fork is equipped with a thru-axle, and the bike rides on 29'er wheels with 40 mm wide CST Gravel tires with classic brown sidewalls. A set of plastic fenders ensures you stay clean while biking in the rain and mud. The bike also has a stand, a bell, and a sporty saddle that isn't even so bad to sit on.

The stem is a piece of work in itself and contains a built-in display that also works with a remote control. A nice ensemble with only one drawback, and that is that you can't replace the stem with another size. In our case, not a problem because the bike fits us fine, and on our 90 km long Maiden Voyage, the posture was great, and we had no complaints. If necessary, you can still mount a riser bar for a slightly different posture.

The brakes on the Fiido are from Tektro, and with the 160 mm discs, they offer quite a bit of stopping power. The rear tire tends to slip a bit earlier when braking on gravel paths. A feisty little brake that also does well downhill.

Light Off-Road Trails:
The Fiido C21 is made for light off-road use, like standard Dutch sand paths or Belgian cobblestone sections. The lack of suspension can be somewhat compensated by adjusting the tire pressure, but overall, off-roading is manageable. The CST tires provide a good mix between grip and speed, but don't go too sharp and hard through tight corners while off-roading. The tires might lose grip, especially because the bike invites a nice speed on the paths. At higher speeds (tailwind force 5 along the towpaths by the canal), everything feels stable and familiar. Even at speeds of about 40 km/h (downhill), everything remains stable.

As expected, the bikes can be expanded with various accessories such as racks, bags, and the Range Extender we've discussed. We've upgraded our C21 with a small rear rack for longer bike trips. The black rear rack is easy to install and has a load capacity of 25 kg. Enough for a few hefty bags during a weekend of bike packing or a trip to and from the supermarket.

Of course, it's also handy to cover your rear rack when you're bikepacking. For this, a set of panniers was sent along, with XXX liters per side. The bags offer plenty of space for your stuff and are well-clamped to the rear rack by Velcro. Everything stays neatly in place and doesn't go anywhere. If you're looking for something smaller, you can also opt for a Rear Rack bag from Fiido, which has a capacity of 10 liters.

Range Extender:
One of the accessories that can be ordered with the bike is the Range Extender. This is an external 210 Wh battery that doubles the battery capacity of the bike. As mentioned, the range of the internal battery, at +/- 45 km, is on the tight side but it is definitely advisable to order this.

Installing the Extender is not very difficult and is clearly explained through a YouTube video. You unscrew the bottom of the bike open. Remove the controller and connect it to the controller of the Extender. Then you push everything back into the frame. Screw it shut and mount the extender on the screws of the bottle holder. Finally, you plug the cable of the Range Extender into the charging port of the internal battery and you're ready to go. A disadvantage of the Range Extender is that you have to sacrifice the bottle holder for it. If you want to take this with you, it would have to be in your frame bag or strapped to the frame.

On the road, the Range Extender works as follows. First, you turn on the internal battery by pressing the button and leave the Extender off. When your internal battery is empty, you turn the bike off and turn off the internal battery. Then you turn on the external battery and see a green light on it. You have now switched to your external battery and can continue your journey. The range of the external battery is, almost like the internal, a small 50 km on the eco mode. The total range thus comes out to about 100 km. In summer conditions, this could be a bit more, but we will have to try that in due time.

After our test ride, we've covered 90 km, 45 with the internal battery and the rest with the external. We even still have a few bars of power on the display, so we should reach 100 km. A few points we'd like to see changed are: Replacing the 52-tooth chainring with a 44. A second bottle holder point or a slightly larger internal battery of +/- 450 Wh. Ordering the Range Extender is also a must.

Furthermore, the bike has one of the better torque sensors in this segment, feels smooth and tight, inspires a lot of confidence, and rides nicely.

Suitable for devouring miles of asphalt, riding rough roads, and tackling light off-road trails. The brakes and gear system are solid, and with the looks and finish, the whole thing looks sleek. The reliability of the electronics has not yet been tested, but so far, the bike has had to endure more than many another cyclist.

The recommended retail price of the Fiido C21 Egravel bike is €1799,- but is now available for €1199,-. Available in two sizes (M and L) and also as the C22 available in the Step Through variant.

For more information, click on:

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Fiido E-Gravel C22 Electric Bike


Win a Sporty E-Bike: Fiido C22 in Our Christmas Giveaway
Didn’t find an e-bike under the Christmas tree? No problem! For our eBikeNews giveaway, the manufacturer Fiido has provided one of their hottest e-bikes. With a bit of luck, you could win the sporty Fiido C22 along with a matching smartwatch.
As every year, we have some prizes for you during the Advent season. On the second Advent, we were able to gift one lucky person the sleek Ado Air folding e-bike. Now, there's another stunning e-bike up for grabs. For the fourth Advent, which also falls on Christmas this year, we are launching our giveaway for the Fiido C22, a sporty e-bike suitable for many applications.
E-Bike with Gravel Features
The Fiido C22 is a sporty e-bike equipped with well-profiled tires. With its features, you can venture beyond asphalt. However, the e-bike is not designed for serious action in mud and dirt. The specifications of the Fiido C22 match those of the Fiido C21, which we have already reviewed for you. The altered frame shape with the lowered top tube for easy mounting makes the difference with the Fiido C22.

In tests, the motor, craftsmanship, and frame geometry particularly impressed us. Weighing just 17.5 kilograms, the Fiido C22 is also remarkably lightweight. The color display on the stem is also a great feature, ensuring that you can always keep an eye on your speed, battery level, and distance traveled during your rides.
E-Bike with Torque Sensor for Only 1,199 Euros
The heart of the Fiido C22 is the Mivice drive system, which has impressed us in several e-bike tests with its strong pull and well-tuned control. Thanks to the torque sensor, which is not common in this price range, the drive system responds very naturally to the rider's impulses.

The battery, with 208 watt-hours of energy, is relatively small but contributes to the bike’s exceptionally light weight. For errands and visits within a close radius, the range of up to 80 kilometers is more than sufficient.
Additionally, there is a matching smartwatch that can connect to the Fiido C22 and offers numerous functions, including heart rate and oxygen level monitoring.
How to Win the Fiido C22
While the Fiido C22 and Fiido C21 are currently on sale for just 1,199 Euros as part of our Christmas promotion, a gifted e-bike is of course even better. That's why we are giving away a Fiido C22 along with the Fiido Smartwatch to our readers.
Here’s what you need to do:

Subscribe to our newsletter (form below the post; free, you can unsubscribe at any time)
Answer the following question in the comments: “What are the benefits of a gravel e-bike in your daily life?”
Check your email inbox and spam folder. With a little luck, you could soon be the proud owner of a new e-bike.
Our winners will be randomly selected. Each person is allowed to submit only one comment. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Only comments submitted by 11:59 PM (CET) on December 31, 2023, will be considered.
As we verify that each participant comments only once, it may take a while for us to approve your comment. The lucky winners will then be contacted by email, so make sure you provide your contact details correctly and check your spam folder as well. Good luck!
Terms and Conditions
The official terms and conditions for this giveaway can be found on this page.
Giveaway Details: 1x Fiido C22 incl. Fiido Smartwatch (1 winner)
Period & Deadline: The giveaway starts with the publication of this article and ends on December 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM.

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Fiido Titan Robust Cargo Electric Bike


Fiido Titan Review: A Big Ol' Fat Tire E-Bike for Off-Road Riders

When it comes to riding e-bikes off-road, fat tires are a simple and easy way to enhance your ride's comfort. Adventure-style electric bikes like the Fiido Titan, which I've been testing, allow both amateur and experienced riders to enjoy hitting trails and other off-road terrains without the need for a high-end suspension costing thousands of dollars. With its powerful motor and large battery, e-bikes like these ensure the ride is both capable and long-lasting!

Check out the video version of my review below to see my test ride in action!
[Fiido Titan Video Review]

Fiido Titan Tech Specs:

Motor: 750W geared rear hub motor
Top Speed: 45 km/h (28 mph) when unlocked
Range: Claimed up to 135 km (84 mi) on a single battery (multi-battery version available)
Battery: 48V 14.5Ah (696 Wh)
Weight: 37.6 kg (83 lbs)
Max Load: 120 kg (265 lbs) on saddle, 80 kg (177 lbs) on rear rack
Brakes: Quad piston hydraulic disc brakes
Extras: UL 2849-certified, torque sensor, color LCD display with speedometer, wattmeter, battery meter, PAS level indicator, odometer and tripmeter, front and rear LED lights, right-side thumb throttle, lockable battery with option for two extra side-mounted batteries, frame-integrated rack, fenders, and kickstand
What Does This E-Bike Offer?
The Fiido Titan is definitely geared more toward off-road use, but like many adventure-style e-bikes, it's also great for mixed-duty riding. The ability to handle both on and off-road environments is a huge plus for fat tire e-bikes, as the electric motor helps to offset the extra weight and sluggishness that often come with fat tires on pedal-only bikes.

Although equipped with a torque sensor for added pedal assist sensitivity, I noticed it doesn't engage as quickly as I would expect from a torque sensor-equipped e-bike. Torque sensors typically provide a more responsive pedal assist experience without the lag common with cadence sensors, yet this one could be a bit snappier. Thankfully, the 9-speed transmission offers plenty of gear choices for those who enjoy pedaling (which I definitely recommend).

The 750W motor located in the rear wheel is quite responsive and easily handles almost any terrain. Its 70Nm of torque delivers impressive force for climbing hills, although it's not the best in class. However, for a $1,699 e-bike, this combination of power and torque is quite respectable and should suffice for most riders in various conditions.

The 48V 14.5 Ah battery is average, but adequate for a modestly priced e-bike. With nearly 700 Wh of capacity, it meets the needs of most riders, although the option to add up to three batteries allows for a potential tripling of battery capacity. This is more than I need on most days, but it's comforting to know the option is there for exceptionally long rides.

However, don't count on achieving the advertised 80+ mile range on a single battery – that's quite optimistic. Realistically, expect half that distance on lower power pedal assist settings unless the bike is barely assisting at the minimum power level. If you're heavy on the throttle, the range might drop to about 20-25 miles.

One interesting feature is that once you unlock the 28 mph top speed, you can actually exceed 20 mph on throttle alone, which is unusual. Be mindful of legal implications if you're riding on public roads or trails in some areas. But, reliably cruising at around 25 mph on throttle alone is convenient on long straightaways.

The cast rims are a standout feature, ensuring you never have to worry about rust or bent spokes. They're also quite stylish, in my opinion.

The rear rack is sleek and integrated into the frame, which supports its 170+ pound weight capacity. However, the wooden insert that adds a nice aesthetic touch also limits where you can tie down gear or attach accessories like storage boxes. You could remove it if you need more mounting options.

A Few Important Downsides
One downside is that the brakes aren't as powerful as I expected for a quad-piston hydraulic brake setup. They never felt inadequate, but I missed the "light touch" sensation usually associated with such brakes, where a soft lever pull provides strong braking, and a hard pull locks up the wheels. On the Fiido Titan, I found myself pulling harder than usual for that strong braking feel.

Additionally, the placement of the headlight is a bit odd. It's not handlebar or fork-mounted, so it doesn't move with the steering, which can be frustrating when turning. The light continues to shine straight ahead, potentially not illuminating your path directly ahead in turns.

Overall, the Fiido Titan stands out as a solid option in the fat tire adventure e-bike market. While no one is clamoring for more fat tire e-bike choices—given the plethora already available—Fiido's experience in crafting various styles of e-bikes shines through, offering a fun and comfortable ride.

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Fiido T2 Longtail Cargo E-bike


$1499 Longtail Cargo E-Bike Hauls Gear (and Pooch) for Miles

Two years after entering the utility e-bike space with the T1 Cargo, Fiido has expanded its gear-hauling lineup by introducing a longtail model. The T2 comes equipped with a 68-mile UL-certified battery, front suspension, and chunky fat tires, offering pedal-assist speeds up to 28 mph.

Founded in 2017 and based in Shenzhen, Fiido initially gained international recognition on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with striking folding commuters like the D11 and the somewhat problematic X. For the T2 Longtail Cargo, the company has opted for direct webstore availability through a direct-to-customer sales model.

Cargo-hauling e-bikes are often touted as potential family car replacements, especially in areas with kind weather and safe bike lanes. They provide a clean alternative for tasks such as transporting young kids to school or carrying weekly groceries.

Although the total payload capacity remains the same as the 2022 short-tail model (now called the T1 Pro) at 200 kg (441 lbs), the T2 offers more space for items. It allows for the optional mounting of baskets, boxes, bags, or two child seats on the rear rack.

The motor, situated in the rear hub, is rated at 750 watts for 60 Nm (44 lb.ft) of torque and comes with a restricted top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) out of the box, which can be unlocked to 45 km/h (28 mph). The removable battery pack, located behind the seatpost, has been upgraded to 998.4-Wh and is certified to UL 2271 safety standards.

Fiido reports a real-world per-charge range of up to 110 km (68 miles) at the lowest of five pedal-assist levels, or 100 km on throttle only. The cargo e-bike also features a Shimano 7-speed gearset for flexibility in handling hills or starting from a standstill at traffic lights.

A color LCD display allows for quick status checks and power mode adjustments. The e-bike can be remotely powered on using a separately available Fiido Mate smartwatch and pairs with a companion mobile app.

The T2 is built on a one-size, low-step aluminum-alloy frame suitable for riders between 1.5 and 2 m (4.9 - 6.6 ft) tall and features an adjustable handlebar for height and reach to suit personal comfort. A suspension fork with 60 mm of travel and 4-inch-wide CST fat tires on 20-inch wheels should provide a smoother ride on uneven terrain. Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 230-mm rotors offer "reliable and responsive" stopping power.

Weighing in at 39.5 kg (87 lbs), the e-bike comes with full fenders, a double-leg center kickstand for stable parking, and both headlight and braking tail-light for visibility in traffic. It can be customized with over a dozen accessories, including safety rails, bags, phone holder, and helmet.

Fiido promises "exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility" for T2 riders, and it's currently on sale for US$1,499, offering a $300 saving off the full retail price. Included in this launch price are a front rack, side footplates, and a pair of rear-wheel guards. This pricing positions the T2 slightly above Lectric's XPedition model but below the cost of the recently launched Radwagon 5 from Rad Power Bikes.

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Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike


Fiido D3 Pro Mini Ebike Review: Beginner-Friendly and Foldable!

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Initial Setup Process
Design & Adjustability
Battery Life & Charging
The Riding Experience
Folding & Unfolding the Bike
Verdict: The D3 Pro Mini Is a Compact and Affordable Ebike

The Fiido ebike is an affordable and stowable entry worth your consideration. Electric bikes are intriguing and incredibly cool contraptions. And just like electric cars, they're not super budget-friendly—except this one. The D3 Pro Mini from Fiido gives people the ebike experience at a more affordable price while still delivering a healthy battery life and plenty of power.

Sure, $699.99 isn't a small sum of money, but most ebikes are priced at well over $1,000, sometimes closer to $2,000. Plus, it folds! It's already a pretty small bike when it's unfolded, but the fact that it can get even smaller makes it perfect for anyone who doesn't have a ton of extra space.


Voltage: 36V
Battery: 7.8Ah / 280.8Wh
Battery Cycle Times: 800 times
Charging Time: 5 hours
Moped Mode Range: 37.2 miles (60 km)
Max Speed: 16MPH (25 km/h)
Max Load: 265 lbs (120 kg)
Net Weight: 38.6 lbs (17.5 kg)
Tire Size: 14-inch x 2.125-inch
Ebike Size (LxWxH): 1250mm x 580mm x 1000mm
Folding Size (LxWxH): 1250mm x 400mm x 630mm
Initial Setup Process
Setting up the D3 Pro Mini was surprisingly simple. The bike arrived mostly assembled with only the handlebars, seat, pedals, and the brake light left to install. After setup, I connected the charger and aired up the tires using the built-in pump on the bike seat post, an add-on item available for $69.99.

Design & Adjustability
The D3 Pro Mini features a sleek design with the battery hidden within the frame, offering a clean look in either white or black. Resembling a BMX bike, it’s compact and ideal for those with limited storage space. Despite being one of the lightest ebikes on the market at just under 40 pounds, it’s still quite hefty to carry for longer distances.

Battery Life & Charging
For casual or commuter use, you likely won't need to charge the D3 Pro Mini more than once a week thanks to its max range of 37.2 miles and a 5-hour charge time. After testing, the battery lasted well with a mix of pedal-assist and motor-only usage, showing three out of five bars remaining after two hours of riding.

The Riding Experience
Riding the D3 Pro Mini is straightforward and enjoyable, similar to riding a traditional bike but with the added thrill of speed. It offers three gears for varying levels of power and speed, with a comfortable progression up to the third gear. The bike’s small wheels and low height were initially concerning, but the excellent brakes provided confidence in stopping quickly when needed.

Folding & Unfolding the Bike
The D3 Pro Mini folds mainly at the handlebar, making it even more compact for easy storage. Folding and unfolding are quick and effortless, with secure locking mechanisms to ensure stability while riding.

Verdict: The D3 Pro Mini Is a Compact and Affordable Ebike
The Fiido D3 Pro Mini offers a great balance of power, affordability, and portability. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a foldable ebike that doesn’t sacrifice performance for size. If you need an even smaller folded size, Fiido offers other models that might suit better, though they may come at a slightly higher price but with potentially better specifications.

If space allows, considering a larger ebike might provide a more comfortable ride and accommodate a larger battery for increased power and range.

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