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Fiido Titan

The perfect fat tire E-bike
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The lightest carbon city E-bike
Smart and light, full of might.
Supercharged by Fiido's most intelligent interaction system. You can feel that every detail just feels right.
First E-balance bike with parental mode
Speed or security? You got both.
A peace of mind for parents to letting kid to explore the world freely. A ride with actual fun and safe for both parents and kid. A lifetime precious memory for both.
Fiido E-Gravel
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Fiido M1 Pro
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Fiido X
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Fiido Mate

A fitness partner that fits on your wrist, a 24/7 health coach that match.

Fiido APP

Keeping you connected to the bike, people and everything you care about most.

300k+ bikes sold. 45k+ 5-star approvals.
Need reassurance? See what the Fiido community is saying. Then, choose an Fiido ebike in confidence.
300k+ bikes sold. 45k+ 5-star approvals.
Need reassurance? See what the Fiido community is saying. Then, choose an Fiido ebike in confidence.
High-tech e-bike budget price tag

The new Fiido C21 E-Gravel is a lightweight hybrid electric bike aimed at recreational and commuter riders. It’s perfect for tarmac or unpaved surfaces, such as canal towpaths or woodland trails.

Tony Tompkins
Loving the Moments with T1

Life it's made of moments, and we are loving the moments that our T1 is providing us 🤗❤️

José Henriques Fotografia
Many Adventures

We already had many adventures with our D11-s, mainly using our e-bikes around Lake Balaton -> the largest lake in the EU. Let me share some photos (and a video) with you.

László Fekete

The E-bike For People Who Say They’ll Never Get An E-bike


The company is a fast-growing Chinese brand that’s had its fair share of trials and tribulations—but has proven that it has what it takes to rise above.


A great ride for a great price.


Beautiful, well-built, incredible e-bike for this price segment.


It's something that commuters will love riding daily.


Over 35,000 solid reviews from professionals

Taylor Dzaman

It's a perfect mid-range bike. Save Time and GAS MONEY!!

Trucker Cassie

The Most Stylish E-bike I've Ever Seen.


A Unique Foldable E-Bike. Design, code unlock system and good battery life my favorite features.


This is the Fiido X, a really special bike with many new inventions that I’ve never seen before. 10 new patents all in all, new tech, new features for a great price!

Jerry Arizona

It is just a lot of fun. For goofing around, taking it out family camping trips or just playing around forest roads, it works great. It's a blast


It is a very comfortable bike. This upright riding position makes it very smooth.

ZDNET-Matthew Miller

If you're looking for an e-bike that you can ride to and from work all week without needing a charge, then the Fiido L3 is a compelling option.


Everything is in place, very clean and smooth.

Guy in a Mountain

⚡ Fiido D11 ⚡ Lightest Folding Electric Bike

Kevin Breeze

The bike itself is really comfortable to ride.

Experience The Evolution of Riding

We are a team that's young, passionate and full of curiosity.
We like asking. "Can it be more...?"
We like imagining. "It it possible that...?"
We like challenging. "Doubt us? Great, it's go time!"
And we like connecting. " Hey, you're riding a Fiido as well?"

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