Mid-mounted meter, the most popular Ebike accessory of 2023

Over the past few decades, the meter has become indispensable for all e-bike commuters. This is the screen mounted on your e-bike that comes in many forms; it serves the same purpose as a car's dashboard. The reason is simple: not only do e-bike meters provide an overview of all your riding data at any given time, but they also allow you to check the functionality and status of your e-bike.


A meter is only useful if you know the functions it provides and the importance of the data it reveals. Therefore, you must have an understanding of what the meter does.


 *The role and common functions of Ebike meters


Due to the rapid development of technology, there are more ebikes available than ever before. First, let's look at the basic technical layout of e-bike displays and then discuss the many display types and their applications. 

E-bike displays not only provide a summary of all your riding data in real-time, but they also analyze the efficacy of your e-bike. One of the benefits of an e-bike screen is that it allows you to monitor your effectiveness and make adjustments if necessary.


Speed monitoring

This function records and displays speed. You can check out the actual, average, and maximum speed in kilometers per hour (some meters can also switch to display miles).

With this feature, you can check the speed data in real time while riding and see if they are within normal and reasonable limits. If they are abnormal, you need to check if there is a problem with the electric motor components or drivetrain.


Battery level

Battery life is usually in a prominent position on the display. This is because estimating the remaining charge during a ride is vital. 

You also need to check how much battery power you have before riding and preferably keep it between 20% and 80%. It is recommended that you avoid running the battery charge below 20% before charging. This is because it prolongs battery life, so you don't have to replace it prematurely.


Mileage Monitoring

Most meters usually have both current mileage and total historical mileage data. Mileage data helps riders to see the current riding status in real time. This visual data gives riders peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy their e-bikes.


Pedal Assist Levels

Pedal assist level is one of the most critical parts of an e-bike, and it's a significant advantage compared to traditional bikes. Pedal assist usually comes in different levels starting from 0. Level 0 means you can ride the bike without electrical support, just like a conventional bike. The higher the level you ride, the faster you can gain speed. However, the more assistance you call from the motor, the quicker the battery will deplete. So it would be best to manage your battery power well to ensure you have enough to reach your destination. 


In addition to the basic features mentioned above, different manufacturers give their displays their own layouts and exterior design styles. So it's worth looking into the different types to see what you prefer.


 *About Fiido's latest modular mid-mounted meter

For 2023, Fiido has introduced a new modular mid-mounted meter for all new products. As you can see, this mid-mounted meter has a straightforward but elegant design. It is equipped with the usual speed monitoring, battery level, mileage monitoring, and pedal assist levels. But it also features such as ECO mode and overheat protection.

We have designed the meter to be easily removable, making it highly convenient for maintenance and repair.


However, the biggest highlight of the meter is the ability to connect with the Fiido App and smartwatch, which are also new for this year. This allows you to activate the proximity start feature.


The design of the mid-mounted meter helps with the general aesthetic of e-bikes. It complements the clean looks of all the e-bikes we fit them to.

With the current technology and design of mid-mounted meters, we predict that mid-mounted instruments will be a highlight of e-bike accessories this year.

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