Everything you should know about folding ebikes

As the popularity of e-bikes grows, so does the variety of e-bike styles available. Road e-bikes, commuting ebikes, mountain e-bikes, cargo e-bikes... there's an e-bike for every riding style and terrain type. A more unique and exciting design has also emerged - the folding ebike. This e-bike has a frame, handlebars, and pedals that can be folded for storage or portability. Designed to be lightweight, portable, and environmentally friendly, they are the perfect choice for your travels.


In this article, we'll highlight everything you need to know about folding electric bikes. You'll learn how they work, their benefits, why you should ride one, and what to consider when buying one.


 *What is a folding electric bike

Simply put, a folding e-bike is a bike with a hinged mechanism built into the frame, allowing it to fold. Previously, e-bikes were huge, making them a pain to carry around and store, but the folding e-bike changed everything.

Space is at a premium for some riders, so the idea of a fully functional and easy-to-park e-bike is appealing. When an e-bike is folded, it becomes incredibly compact, providing several advantages. For example, you can take an electric bike on public transportation, such as buses and subways, load one into the trunk of a car, or even store one under your bed.

Even though an e-bike's foldable frame makes the overall package pretty compact, the wheels will limit how small it will go. This is more prevalent when you ride a fat-tire e-bike. Even when folded, fat-tire folding e-bikes still take up a lot of space. If storage space is your first priority, you would be better off with an e-bike with regular-width wheels and tires.


 *Folding principle and precautions of folding electric bicycle

The folding mechanism and process on most folding e-bikes work similarly. The first step is to lower the seat tube and fold in the pedals. The second step is to open the frame folding lock and fold it to the left or right, depending on the design of your bike. The third step is to fold the riser (some models will skip this step).


Due to the frame's folding design, some people argue that a folding e-bike is not as stiff or strong as a traditional "double diamond" bike frame. For most riders, a folding e-bike will be more than strong enough for their needs. However, those who do aggressive trail riding (think jumps and rugged terrain) should stick to a non-folding e-bike.


E-bikes generally fold horizontally, with a few using longitudinal and M-folds. The common folding structure on the market today is usually external. This is because it is challenging to manufacture hidden folding mechanisms. However, hidden folding mechanisms create an elegant aesthetic while enhancing structural integrity, safety, and ease of use.


For example, Fiido X folding e-bike is a folding e-bike equipped with a hidden folding mechanism; using our patented design. The folding mechanism is cleverly hidden in the middle of the frame without affecting the smoothness of its lines.


In terms of safety, the Fiido X has a large axle diameter. This increases the contact area between the axle and the frame, reducing the pressure on the frame and improving strength. At the same time, wear-resistant steel bushings in the frame prevent the axle from loosening after wear or deformation.


The design dramatically improves the mechanical strength of the folding mechanism while reducing the wear between it and the frame. This is the result of extensive testing of the CNC molds and folding components. We have put the bikes through their paces with usage testing, fatigue testing, and shipping wear and tear testing to ensure you get a quality e-bike that will last.


It is worth noting that all folding e-bikes have a folding mechanism that cannot be completely free of joint gaps. Therefore, it is normal to see a small gap when the folding mechanism is closed, and this is nothing to worry about.

However, if you notice a larger gap or the mechanism has been seriously misaligned or shaken to the extent that it affects the ride, we recommend you stop riding. In this case, consult the official after-sales service of the product at the first opportunity.



 *Why choose a folding bike

What are the advantages of folding e-bikes that can convince you to choose one over a regular e-bike?


 1. Easier to commute to and from work

One of the main difficulties with traditional e-bikes is that they are impossible or tricky to carry on public transportation, load into your car, or bring them indoors. Being able to quickly fold, carry, or push your e-bike during your commute saves you valuable time. The convenience and portability of folding e-bikes make them incredibly advantageous for commuters, especially for riding the last few miles of your journey.


 2. Easier Storage

When you can fold your e-bike into a compact size, you can easily store it in a closet or behind a door. Its folding frame means that if your workplace doesn't have a bike rack, you can more easily bring it to your office.


 3. Extra security

We all know people who have had their bikes stolen. Even if you lock your bike, there's no guarantee it'll still be there when you return. Since a folding e-bike is more compact, you can easily store it in a closet or even under your desk. You don't have to worry about leaving your bike outside; it gives you more peace of mind.


 4. Better riding experience

The frame of a folding e-bike is always slimmer and more compact than other models. Its size lets you comfortably ride your bike through traffic and along smaller areas like sidewalks and alleys. If you ride your bike through a city or downtown, you may find a folding e-bike more practical because its size allows you to move through crowds and traffic more efficiently.


 5. No less range than other Ebikes

The nature of folding e-bikes gives them lightweight design features. This can mean riders consider the e-bike battery capacity may be compromised due to the reduced space on the frame, reducing range.

This is possible, but many excellent folding e-bikes on the market already address this issue, such as the Fiido X folding e-bike. This utilizes an exclusive patented design that places the battery inside the seat tube rather than in the middle of the frame. This means the Fiido X's battery capacity and range will be as good as many non-folding e-bikes.


 6. Folding e-bikes hold their value

When you invest in something, you want to know if it will retain its resale value. Investing in an e-bike is no different. You might be selling your e-bike somewhere down the road for many reasons. For example, you may be upgrading your e-bike, or your lifestyle may have changed. Historically, folding bikes have held their value better than traditional fixed-frame bikes. You'll find it easier to sell your e-bike and recoup more of the original price.

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