How my e-bike improved my surfing experience -- Alexander’s Story

It has been one year since Alexander got his new e-bike and began surfing again. His e-bike allows him to do more of what he loves and get back to the ones he loves. 


Alexander grew up in California. Like many children, he began riding a bicycle when he was a child, however, he did not seem to have a strong love for cycling. Instead, Alexander developed an interest in surfing during his adolescent years. During high school, Alexander began surfing multiple times a week as it brought enjoyment. During his college years, Alexander received a bike from his friend for his daily commute throughout college to avoid the hassle of parking a car. Still, Alexander had no strong feelings towards cycling, it was simply the most convenient mode of transportation for the time.

After starting a family with two kids, Alexander had fewer opportunities to catch up with his friends and even had to give up surfing because of how long the commute to his favorite surf break was. As a father, Alexander wanted to be able to spend more time with his family.

A life-changing moment happened to Alexander one year ago, a friend allowed him to try his e-bike down to the beach. This was the first time Alexander realized the trip to go surf could be made shorter and more enjoyable. Alexander knew an e-bike was just what he needed. The 30-minute on way walk was shortened to a 7-minute ride, this saved him almost 45 minutes each session. Soon after, Alexander began his search for the perfect e-bike, The Fiido T1 series caught Alexander’s attention with its magnificent green color.

Fiido T1 wouldn’t require too many extra to carry all the stuff, compared to other models like RadRunner, Alexander said. The large LED headlight helps surfers get into the water easier at dawn. The bike had 10 speeds which allowed him to get up hills easier. The most important thing is the large battery with the high-power motor. It helps him to cross various terrain on the road to surf while carrying everything he needs.

With the Fiido T1 pro, Alexander wakes up at 5 in the morning, drives to the beach, and rides the e-bike to the surf point. There he enjoys the first rays of sunshine while leisurely riding the waves with his friends, then he heads back. Now, he still has time to enjoy breakfast with his family at 9 that same morning.

For Alexander, the e-bike is not just a big toy for leisure, it is a real time saver to help Alexander balance his hobby and still prioritize family, it even lights up the water in the dark to keep him safe.

Credit: Alexander Chang

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