How E-bikes Can Save Sanity

 --A Story from Paul, a Fiido Rider who Got His Fitness Back with E-bikes

Paul is about to purchase the third e-bike in his family. This will be the third Fiido M series e-bike he has purchased. Paul believes the Fiido M series e-bikes have saved his sanity.


A Little Background about Paul

When Paul was a child, his Father bought him a BMX from the US that fostered his love of cycling. Paul did a lot of off-roading, jumping around pump tracks and through the woods. Once Paul got his motorcycle driving license, he gained so much freedom. He even did a teddy bear run, a  50 mile ride for charity with a bikers community to pick up and deliver presents and toys to hospitals and schools for kids once a year.

Unfortunately, this all came to an abrupt stop 25 years ago. Paul got into a serious motorcycle accident, spent 6 months in the hospital, and couldn’t work for 18 months. Paul got pretty smashed up, had some steel fitted in his right leg and suffered a broken neck. He had to sell almost his entire collection of bikes, including 11 motorbikes which he had put thousands of pounds into, even though he was still infatuated with bikes at that time. 

Getting Back on Bikes Again

10 years after the accident, Paul’s eldest son wanted to go out for a ride, and Paul felt fit enough, so they decided to ride 12 miles to a good pub for lunch. Sadly, he never made it home and had to be picked up.

Fast forward to May 2021, Paul’s wife asked him to buy her an e-bike for commuting to work, crossing many steep roads. Paul was looking for a BMX/mountain bike crossover featuring fat tires. Paul saw that the Fiido M1 looked similar to his childhood BMX. After reading tons of good and bad reviews, he believed with a few hundred pounds in upgrades, the bike is still cheaper than its competitors and knew any other bike would also need upgrades to fit riders’ preferences.

When Paul received the new Fiido M1, he tested it before his wife. He felt his health condition was much better than before. He rode 22 miles in 2 hours and came home with a big smile on his face. After that, Paul ordered his Fiido M1 pro, which is much quicker and more fun than the standard M1.

With the Fiido M1 pro, Paul goes for a 1-2 hour leisure ride before work. His wife rides for around 30-mile roundtrips during weekdays for work on her Fiido M1.

Paul always hands out with his family for weekend rides and ends up having lunch at a local pub with his wife. Before Paul’s family had any e-bikes, all they could do on weekends was stay home. E-bikes have brought back the joy of cycling to Paul's life, reminding him of the happy moments he experienced in his youth.

As their children grow up, Paul sees the e-bikes as a way for them to explore the countryside while having fun. Now Paul is purchasing his third Fiido M series e-bike for his daughter. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in their family's cycling adventures. Thanks to e-bikes, Paul feels that he has regained his sanity and has been able to enjoy life to the fullest once again.

Source: Paul Mackay Dalley