A Story from Thomas and His Ghost Series E-bikes

We here at Fiido deeply value the experiences and feedback from our fellow E-bike enthusiasts.

After a few months of working on fitting in various parts and leaving the bike in the paint shop for a few weeks, Thomas finally got his bike back with a brand-new look, and he believed this e-bike hits the right spot regarding price and quality mixed. 

4 years ago, Thomas found his great passion in MTBs, and started his journey of riding and customizing bikes in the following year. Then, he got an E-MTB and can’t leave that anymore. 

After collecting e-bikes from plenty of manufacturers, disassembling, and rebuilding, Thomas threw his love on the Fiido M1 series which delivers a great strong motor as standard and offers a great range of spare parts. 

Then, Thomas starts working on upgrading the parts of the bike including the battery and motor to make the bike perform better than any others. Thomas named these modified Fiido M1 Pro E-bikes “The White Ghost” and “The Red Ghost”, they are just the beginning of the Ghost Series. Thomas wants to bring something to the cycling community in Denmark at the spot on regarding price and quality wise.

As an avid member of the Fiido E-bike community, his passion for customizing and modifying e-bikes has made him a respected member of the group. He has been involved in the community for a while now and has made numerous contributions both online and offline. 

Thomas believes that e-bikes have the potential to revolutionize the way people move around in the city, and he is committed to promoting the benefits of e-mobility in Denmark. Thomas’ contribution to this movement has been the establishment of his business customizing fat tire e-bikes under the name Mate By Me Design. With rich experience in disassembling and modifying various e-bikes, Thomas is determined to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price to make e-bikes accessible to a wider audience. 

Thomas’ dedication to the Fiido e-bike community is evident in his preference for riding his M1 Pro instead of driving his car. He finds riding his e-bike more fun and rewarding, and he enjoys sharing his rides with others. His attraction to the model grew through his appreciation of the incredible strength of the motor, as well as the great range of spare parts offered. 

This involvement in the Fiido e-bike community has helped to promote the benefits of e-mobility in Denmark. Thomas shares the same belief that community sharing and posting are essential for building a strong foundation for a supportive e-bike family, and his passion for customization has inspired many to explore the endless possibilities of e-bikes. 

Although Thomas’ experience has acted as a catalyst for change in the e-bike circle, every member's contribution builds up and strengthens this incredible community that we are proud to share and call our own. We at Fiido encourage all of our fellow enthusiasts to reach out and share their valued experiences and journeys with like-minded individuals that we are privileged to consider our e-bike family. 

Credit: Thomas Andersson https://www.facebook.com/MATEBYME

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