Fiido X Folding Electric Bike Recall

Dear Fiido User

On April 3rd, since we've received the faulty frame report from US user on Fiido X E-bike Owners Group (Official), all official sales of Fiido x have been suspended immediately. We've paid high attention with this issue and started the investigation and arranged more stringent tests for Fiido X in Fiido R&D lab. The fault occurs again on April 7th, Based on the fact that this failure is a serious security issue, we informed all X users at once and urged all X users to stop using X provisionally.

As of April 13, 2022, Fiido officially launches the recall and upgrade of all Fiido X folding electric bike which manufactured between September 2021 and March 2022, a total of 2,989 units. (including unit from IGG sales channel, official website sales channel and authorized distributors sales channel).

After the investigation by Fiido R&D laboratory, the cause of the problem was discovered as below:​
1. The folding structure is not strong enough to stand long-term use in complex situations.​
2. Defects in packaging design result in the risk of damage in the transportation.​

Considering various factors, Fiido team upgraded the folding structure of the Fiido X frame that aim at the weak area of the frame to ensure the product safety of Fiido X and reduce potential risk. The process and result of the upgrade and test will be released simultaneously.​

The new Fiido X frame will be fully upgraded and more rigorously tested with twice the EN15194 certification standard to avoid a similar situation from happening again.

The specific recall arrangement including free recall services and corresponding user protection plan has been released to all X users on April 12, 2022. Fiido official after sales service team will directly contact all affected customers advising them to make an appointment with support team.

User Protection Plan

Replacement Options Replaced Product Shipping Date
A / A new upgraded Fiido X User will receive a update Fiido X(without seatpost battery and seat) Upgraded Fiido X It is estimated all the referred Fiido X will be ship out from the factory during June,25 2022 to July,10 2022.
B / An equal value Fiido E-bike User could exchange for an equal value Fiido E-bike For IGG Backer order amount below $1099
→ free replacement of D11 / M1pro OR exchange to D21 by sending back the battery of old X by own expense
The shipment of the first batch from the factory will be arranged since June 1, 2022
For IGG Backer order amount of $1299
→ free replacement of D21 OR exchange to M21 by sending back the battery of old X by own expense
For order amount of $1599
→ free replacement of T1
For EU&US region, replace Fiido Ebike which are in stock + refund the difference For users urgent for the bike, current models in overseas warehouses are available to choose. L3 / D3Pro The shipment from overseas warehouses will be arranged since April 25, 2022


Meanwhile, the following components and features will be upgraded simultaneously in the new Fiido X:

  1. Equipped with full Shimano transmission kit.
  2. Add PAS0 setting
  3. Equipped with upgraded meter (improved display with Mileage, MPH)
  4. Upgraded keypad
  5. Upgraded grip (better grip with more comfort)
  6. Upgraded magnetic parts (avoid slipping)
  7. Synchronous optimization of other assembly problems

This incident is a big alert for us, the entire Fiido team attached great importance to it and the broken Fiido X will be hanged on the wall of our R&D dept to remind us how to design product. Although the decision of recall is tough and brought lots or stress, however honesty and responsibility are something more important to us, and wish to earn the trust from our users again with it.

For the specific appointment of recall arrangement, please click here.