Electric bikes are becoming incredibly popular gifts. When you look at the advantages they bring, it is easy to see why someone would appreciate receiving an electric bike from a loved one.

Let's take a look at all the reasons why an electric bike is a perfect gift for that special person in your life.


1. Electric Bikes Are Ideal For People Of All Age


One of the great things about electric bikes is that it doesn't matter how young or old you are. As long as you can ride a traditional bike, you can ride one with an electric motor. A younger person who receives an electric bike as a gift can enjoy a new level of freedom and independence without the need to be driven around by their parents.

Older people can also enjoy a new level of independence. This is because riding an electric bike over a regular bike allows them to reach places they wouldn't usually be able to under their own steam.

An older person with health concerns will find it much easier to get around and maintain an active lifestyle thanks to the pedal assist modes.


2. You Can Help Someone Kick Start Or Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

As you can select different power assistance levels on an electric bike, they are suitable for people of all fitness levels. Whether you are just embarking on a more active lifestyle or looking for new ways to stay healthy, an electric bike is a perfect solution.

The nature of an electric bike allows you to become more adventurous, travel further, and become fitter. Therefore, gifting an electric bike is an excellent way to show someone you care by helping them be healthier.


3. Electric Bikes Are A Greener Way Of Travelling

Many people are trying to find ways to become more environmentally friendly. If you know somebody who is trying to travel more sustainably, they will appreciate being given an electric bike.

They will be able to commute, go shopping, and visit friends and family in a much more environmentally friendly way than public transportation or a car. But it will be much more manageable than if they were riding a regular bike.


4. Electric Bikes Are Lots Of Fun

A lot of people can do with an extra dose of fun in their lives, and an electric bike could be precisely what they need. The first way an electric bike is fun comes from how it accelerates. Speeding along roads and dirt tracks and effortlessly climbing hills is incredibly addictive and satisfying.

The independence electric bikes provide also adds to the fun factor. This is because they allow you to get around more easily to enjoy fun days out with your friends and family.


5. An Electric Bike Can Save Money

One of the reasons electric bikes are the new trend for traveling is that they are cheaper than other modes of transport. You may know someone who wants a more affordable way of getting around than using a car or public transportation.

Owning an electric bike comes with fewer costs than car ownership. A car is more expensive to buy, fuel, insure, and maintain than any electric bike. So giving someone an electric bike will likely help someone out financially in the long term, which is an incredible gift.


How To Choose An Electric Bike As A Gift

Before you buy someone an electric bike, there are a few considerations to make to ensure you buy the correct one for them. We will now highlight the things that will help you choose the perfect electric bike as a gift.



As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. More expensive bikes have more quality constructions and higher-end components. But you may not need to buy anything too fancy for the person's needs.

You can get some excellent lower-priced electric bikes as long as you are realistic about their capabilities. For example, a cheap electric bike will be fine for riding through town. Still, it's not something you would take on a big mountainous adventure.

Of course, you need to consider your own budget, but a lower-priced electric bike is better than not having one at all.




There are many kinds of electric bikes suited to different uses. Therefore you need to consider what the person you're buying for will use their electric bike for.

A city bike will be the perfect solution if they plan on using an electric bike for a short commute. On the other hand, if they want to use their electric bike for off-road, riding, and weekend fun, they may prefer an electric mountain bike or one fitted with fat tires.


Electric bikes with fat tires are also great for those who want to ride all year round. Their large tires provide lots of grip on all sorts of surfaces, including dirt, ice, snow, soft mud, and sand. Therefore they are often the best choice due to their ability to cope with different terrain types.

They may need to carry an extra person or heavy loads, so they can replace car journeys with their electric bike. So, in this case, they would need an electric cargo bike fitted with cargo racks or additional seats, allowing them to leave their car at home. 

Electric cargo bikes are also becoming more popular with small business owners. Therefore, if an electric bike is suitable for an entrepreneurial loved one, you can give them a great head start with their endeavor.

Some electric bikes have large batteries allowing the rider to cover long distances before they need to recharge. Therefore, if the person you are buying for has a long commute or an adventurous personality, you should consider electric bikes with extended ranges.

Another type of electric bike that may suit some people is the foldable electric bike. These have a hinge in the frame, allowing you to make the bike incredibly compact, which has many benefits. 

For example, you can carry foldable electric bikes onto public transportation, making the last few miles of a commute much more manageable. You can also carry them in the trunk of your car, in your RV, or even on your boat. This way, you have a fun and convenient way of getting around at your destination.



You can buy electric bikes with various frame designs. If you are buying for somebody with mobility issues, consider buying them an electric bike with a step-thru frame. This frame design is low-slung, so the rider doesn't have to swing their leg over a high top-tube. Instead, they simply step through the frame, making mounting and dismounting it incredibly easy.

Step-thru frames are also perfect for those who wear long and flowing clothing as it won't get caught on the frame.

Some electric bikes are fitted with a throttle. The throttle allows you to ride without pedaling using the motor and battery power alone. This is great for effortless transportation but also for people with injuries or mobility issues. If they feel they have done too much, they can use the throttle to ride back home without aggravating their medical problems.

If you are buying an electric bike for someone with a low fitness level, you may need to consider one with a more powerful motor. More powerful motors produce more torque, making riding uphill much more manageable. They also can cope with the extra weight of heavier riders much better than electric bikes with less powerful motors.



There's no point in buying someone an electric bike if it is illegal for them to ride it in their local area. Therefore you should be aware of the three-class system, which will determine what kind of electric bike is permitted locally.

Most areas except class 1 and 2 electric bikes, but it is better to be safe than sorry before you buy.



Receiving an electric bike as a gift goes further than the bike's practical uses. The independence they bring to any rider is priceless. Also, the fact that they promote a healthy lifestyle shows that you genuinely care for the person you're buying the electric bike for. 

Some people will benefit more from an electric bike's financial savings, which allows them to save or divert their funds into more important things than traveling to and from work.

If you are considering buying someone an electric bike, why not check out all the options on our website to find the perfect gift?

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