There are many top options for choosing a high-quality electric folding bike. Look for a unit with a good build, powerful battery, top-notch electric system, and a decent charging time, among others. The Fiido X is an electric bike that excels in all these ramifications and more, making it one of the best options in the market.

It has the power for urban and hillside ridings if you choose one with the proper power. The subsequent sections will give you a deep dive into the Fiido X and why the e-bike is a top-notch option.

A woman walking pushing a folding e-bike

Folding Electric Bike Design

A mere look at the futuristic design of this machine is enough to know that it's a top-notch option. Its delicate nebulas-blue color makes it stand out from the crowd. The bike is one of those that would aesthetically draw the attention of onlookers around you during your rides.

It features some teal magnesium frame curls, and the Seatpost is one of the most beautifully designed of any electric bike.

It's a beauty to behold when folded, and folding it doesn't take long. Release the frame lock, fold down the handlebar stem, fold up the pedals, and then drop or remove the seat posts. It might seem like some instructions, but you can do it within 30 seconds when you get the hang of it.

The easy-to-use design nature of the bike is among the reasons it's popular among consumers today. It has 20" puncture-proof tires, which can seem small if you're used to riding bigger bikes. However, they perform well, which makes them easy to get used to, even for people who rides bikes with 27" tires.

Folding Electric Bike Weight

One of the primary reasons foldable bikes exist is to make them easily transportable. Therefore, their weight is extremely essential. The Fiido X weighs approximately 42 pounds, which is impressive, considering there are e-bikes that weigh as much as 55 pounds.

The weight is near-perfect, as it ensures that you can easily transport the bike to the back of your car so you can enjoy it on that camping trip.

Also, it's almost the right size to ensure you can ride the bike sturdily with little to no issues–an aspect in which it ranks high. In fact, you'll think the bike is heavier than quoted during your rides due to how well it performs.

Two folding e-bike

Battery, Motor, and Charging Experience

The Fiido X comes in the 250W and 350W motto—the best one depends on your application. The 350W version lets you near the bike's top speed of 20mph, as it can travel up to 19 mph. However, it also uses more power, meaning you'll get less mileage than the 250W version on full charge, which only has a top speed of 15mph. Summarily, the motor power plus bike speed up there with the best in the market.

It's imperative to note that both ride cases are pedal-assisted, as the bike doesn't have a throttle. The Fiido has three power-assisted gears and a "zero assist" mode, all of which help you get a smooth ride on different surfaces. For instance, the third adjustment would give you a better ride experience on a terrain.

Note that higher gear usage also equals more battery consumption. Talking about batteries, you'll have a 417.6 Watt battery, of which Fiido mentions that you'll get 80.7 power-assisted miles on the 250W model and 68 on the 350W. This number is fairly accurate, and you'll get a decent use time on the bike before needing to do the seven-hour recharge.

Folding Electric Bike Other Specs

The Fiido e-Bike has an LED display with USB port on the handlebars which displays all you need to keep the bike going. It also comes with hydraulic brakes, which delivers a decent stopping power.

The bike has a torque sensor, and a Shimano 7 speed gear system. Due to this gear system, you can use them on hilly terrains without issues, in addition to the smoothness you get on regular ground. All these specs all contribute to make the Fiido X electric folding bike a topmost option.

A woman riding a folding e-bike with bag on her back

How to Maintain Your Folding e-Bike

Knowing the best folding electric bike to buy isn't all the work—you must maintain it properly to get the best out of it. There aren't many complex aspects of maintaining your folding electric bike if you're consistent. Here are some helpful tips on caring for your folding electric bike.

1. Clean the Bike Regularly

You can only maintain the Fiido X beauty if you clean the bike regularly. Don't go all out with soap and water due to the electrical components present in the bike. However, you can never go wrong with a controlled mild wash. Clean the bike when you notice dirt or other debris on its body.

2. Follow Ethical Charging Practices

The battery is one of the most crucial components to the bike's functionality—all electrical features stop working if it's damaged. Therefore, you should care for it optimally. Charge it when it's low, and avoid draining it to 0% before recharging, as it can shorten its lifespan. Use only a manufacturer-approved charger, and avoid overcharging it.

Regular inspection for signs of damage is another section you shouldn't overlook. Change the battery immediately if it's damaged. You don't need to worry because batteries have a few years in them if you care for them properly. The Fiido X has an 800 times battery cycle cycle times.

3. Store Under Decent Conditions

You shouldn't just toss your folding bike into any space because it can fit. Find a suitable place to store it; a bicycle carrier or protective bag are your best options. It would save the bike from scratches and help protect crucial components.

4. Check and Inflate your Tires

Tire pressures can directly influence your ride experience. Poorly inflated ones never have satisfactory output. A substandard tire is worse and can cause accidents, which can be pretty dangerous on a machine capable of going 20 MPH.

Check the tire pressures always and ensure it's right. Inspect the tires and change them immediately if it's damaged. You can also clean them to prevent debris from causing wear and tear.

5. Clean Electrical Components

You can't wash the electrical components on your e-bike, but you shouldn't leave them dirty. Use a soft brush or fiber to clean the battery, motor, and other parts. The buildup of dirt can get into them and cause malfunction.


The Fiido X folding electric bike is one of the best you can get in the market now. It isn't perfect, but its benefits outweigh its disadvantages. The bike's a top-notch option, whether you want to use it within the friendly confines of the city or in a more challenging terrain.

Remember that caring for any foldable e-bike is central to getting the best out of it. Clean the required components and also regularly inspect them. The bike will not only last longer, but you'll maximize its use potential.