🇬🇧UK sales are open!

New Update Info

Due to the trade regulations of the Brexit policy, in order to ensure that our friends in the UK can purchase our electric bicycles at the best price, we finally set a transportation fee of 8% (the accessories are charged according to the general freight), and NO additional value-added tax will be charged. .

Customers who received VAT during the purchase from April 24th to 27th, if you need to issue a tax receipt, please contact us.
Affected by the epidemic and Brexit, we have been unable to sell normally in the UK for a long time.
Now we are very happy to set up a warehouse in the UK and provide British friends with 2~5 days of FAST SHIPPING SERVICES.
In addition, due to the Brexit trade policy, we have decided to charge an additional VAT 8% tax when you buy on our official website.
😃We are grateful to British friends for their continued support and patience.