You may be considering buying an electric bike but are still unsure if it is the correct mode of transport for you. Right now is the best time to join the electric bike revolution. Many factors make Electric bikes more attractive than public transportation and driving.

In this article, we will go through the practical benefits of riding an electric bike in the US right now.


Know Your Electric Bike Classes

Before we highlight the many advantages of electric bike ownership, you need to understand the three-class system. An increasing number of US states are adopting the three-class electric bike classification system. By understanding the system, you can get a good idea of what electric bike suits you and what is actually legal in your local area. Let's take a look:



Most local authorities in the US regard Class 1 electric bikes as regular bikes used on the streets and electric mountain bikes. The main characteristic of a Class 1 electric bike is that it will have a pedal assist system. This means the electric motor only engages when you pedal; as soon as you stop pedaling, the motor stops running.

The other important aspect of a class one electric bike is that it is limited to an assisted top speed of 20 mph. Even though a class one electric bike is the most accepted type, you should always check your local rules and regulations. This will help you confirm that riding one is legal, as the laws can vary between cities and states.

Class 1 electric bikes are considered the best ones to own first or if you are a nervous cyclist. This is because they are generally low-powered, easy to ride, and less intimidating than electric bikes in higher classes.



You will be forgiven for thinking that class two electric bikes are a step up from Those in Class 1 in terms of speed and general performance. However, a Class 2 electric bike is the same as a Class 1, but it has a throttle mode that allows you to ride using the motor without pedaling.

Class 2 electric bikes also have a limited top speed of 20 mph, but you can use the throttle and pedal assistance independently. The addition of a throttle means that you may find that manufacturers make Class 2 electric bikes suitable for different terrain types or to satisfy different niches.



The main thing differentiating Class 3 electric bikes from the others is how fast they can go. Class 3 electric bikes are popular with mountain bikers and anyone who prefers to ride faster.

You can ride a Class 3 electric bike to a limited assisted top speed of 28 mph. They also have a throttle so you can ride without pedaling if you want to give your legs a rest. It is especially important to know what your local laws are regarding Class 3 electric bikes because many regions don't allow them on some trails or bike lanes. This is because they want to discourage riders from racing, putting themselves and others at risk.


How You Will Benefit From Riding An Electric Bike

Now you know about the different classes, it's time to get into the details of why electric bikes are so good and why you should buy one now.



Even though we have just talked about the different electric bikes, according to the law, they still face fewer restrictions than cars. First of all, many regions don't require electric bikes or their riders to have insurance, even though it is recommended.

You can ride them in the same way as a regular bike, as long as you abide by the rules of the road and, of course, pay attention to the three-class system, so you ride a bike that is permitted in your local area.



A few state and city leaders see electric bikes as the future of transport. Some are even creating programs that offer vouchers or rebates to their residents, helping them buy electric bikes so they leave their cars at home.

In 2022, Vermont launched the first state incentive program. Then Denver, Colorado, followed suit with a fantastic program that offeres new E-bike riders a rebate. New York is also considering launching its own E-bike rebate program, and so is Oregon.

The Oregon State authorities have proposed a new bill to offer rebates to electric bike buyers. You can get up to $1,200 back when you buy a regular E-bike and $1,700 for a cargo E-bike.

To qualify for the scheme, you must buy an E-bike worth at least $950 and commit to owning it for a year. So don't think you can buy a cheap E-bike and instantly sell it on. To sweeten the deal, accessories, such as a helmet, lights, and a lock, can also be covered by the program.

It's good news if you live in California, too. The California Air Resources Board is implementing a statewide Electric Bicycle Incentive Project. The project is run by Pedal Ahead and commits $10 million to make electric bikes more accessible to improve the quality of life and reduce pollution.

In addition to this, cities are expanding their use of bike lanes to make riding electric bikes safer and more appealing.



When you drive a car through town, your speed is limited by the traffic. This is not a problem when you ride an electric bike. You can ride on cycle, paths, and pavements and even take shortcuts, significantly shortening your journey time.

The small size of an electric bike means you can travel at a much higher average speed in the city than if you were sitting in your car. This is especially advantageous for commuters as you can quickly get to work in the morning and not waste time by being stuck in traffic on your way home.

As the electric bike assists your peddling, you can arrive at work without being sweaty and needing a shower like you would if you rode a regular bike to work. Higher resistance levels will make your ride much easier and more fun. The combination of less effort and higher speeds keeps you cool so you can walk into work looking fresh. But if you want to exercise on your journey home, you can select lower assistance levels to increase your heart rate.



If you are a car owner, you will be fully aware that the costs of running it can be huge. These costs include fuel, maintenance, and insurance. They are also expensive to buy compared to an electric bike.

A great way to improve your lifestyle is by diverting money toward more fun and beneficial aspects of your life. This is where you can benefit greatly from owning an electric bike.

The initial expense can be pretty significant depending on what electric bike you buy. However, throughout your ownership of this electric bike, you will experience fewer costs than with a car. The money you save could go towards more enjoyable things, such as experiences, vacations, or anything else you want to do with your life.



Riding a regular bike is lots of fun, but when you add a motor and battery, the entertainment value increases significantly. When you first pedal an electric bike, you will love how the motor seamlessly engages, enhancing each pedal stroke.

The way the motor delivers power and torque becomes addictive very quickly, especially when you ride at a higher assistance level. You'll soon be hunting steep hills just to see how well your electric bike can climb.

But it isn't just the experience of riding an electric bike that is fun. Your new electric bike unlocks potential opportunities for socializing with friends and family. You can pay house calls and visit them in town much more easily and quickly than walking or riding a regular bike while leaving your car at home.

The electric motor on one of these bikes makes it possible to reach places you couldn't get to before. They allow you to ride further or on new routes previously too tricky on a regular bike.



Some people regard riding an electric bike as being too easy as the motor assists your peddling. It is true you can take full advantage of the electric motor to make climbing hills and riding long distances much more manageable.

On the other hand, you can work up a sweat by reducing your assistance level, so you have to put in more effort, which increases your heart rate and strengthens your muscles. You could be someone just starting your fitness journey or exercising regularly and still enjoy the benefits.



These days, many of us are trying to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. You will considerably approve your green credentials by taking a trip on an E-bike instead of driving your car.

Of course, there is a carbon cost to owning an electric bike. We need to charge the battery, and production and transport costs are involved. However, the bike's environmental impact per mile is much less than a car's.

If more people leave their cars at home in favor of using an electric bike for their daily commute, the air quality in our cities will be significantly improved, which is better for everyone's health.



Even in a country as car-oriented as the USA, electric bikes are becoming more commonplace. This is because more Americans are seeing the benefits they bring environmentally, financially, and to their health. If this sounds good, why not check out our online store to find the perfect electric bike for you?