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Transitioning from a regular bike to an electric bike is less complicated than you may think. But if you are a complete novice to the electric bike world, the options available may be overwhelming, making it difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Therefore, in this article, we will go through the different characteristics of electric bikes and give you lots of tips on how to choose your first Ebike.


Electric Bike Basics

Before we go into the different electric bikes and their characteristics. We will give you a quick overview of what an electric bike is and how it works.

At a glance, most electric bikes look like regular bikes. In fact, some of them don't look like they are electric bikes at all until you take a closer look. Under closer inspection, you'll see that an electric bike usually has a motor mounted in the rear wheel or between the cranks powered by a battery internally or externally mounted. 

Display of ebike

There will also be an LCD screen mounted on the handlebars, which gives you vital information about your ride and has buttons which allow you to select the different assistance levels.

When you pedal an electric bike, the motor engages, amplifying your peddling inputs. This assistance makes riding uphill, into headwinds, and longer distances, much more manageable. 

Most electric bikes have four or five assistance levels; lower assistance levels require you to put more effort into the pedals. High assistance levels make peddling much easier but drain the battery more quickly.


Things To Consider When You Buy Your First Ebike

As with regular bikes, you can buy an electric bike suited to all kinds of purposes. Therefore you need to carefully consider what your needs are before you buy. We will go into the different types of electric bikes shortly, but here are a few key things you need to think about.


Your Budget

You can spend a ridiculous amount of money on an electric bike, but there are also more affordable bikes that will suit your needs. More expensive electric bikes are made from exotic materials and have higher-end components, but you need to consider if paying the extra money for these features is worth it.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to luxury items, but with a bit of research, you may find something more affordable that will suit your needs. Also, there's little point in paying for features you will never use. For example, if you ride in the city, you don't need an electric mountain bike with lots of suspension travel. 


Where You Ride

Electric bikes are made for all different kinds of terrain. Some are designed for riding around the streets, while others are best suited to rugged off-road terrain. But you will also find electric bikes suitable for everything in between. The characteristics that define what these bikes are built for include suspension, wheel size, riding position, and power.


Your Typical Journeys
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One of the most essential things for an electric bike rider is how far their bike can go on a single charge. The range of an electric bike depends on several variables. The profile of your journey, how you ride, and the weather will make a difference to battery life. Therefore it can be challenging to work out how far you can ride before you need to charge the battery.

The range isn't that much of a problem if you typically make short trips. However, if your commute is long or you like to explore further afield, you'll need an electric bike with a great battery and motor combo to give you as much range as possible.


The Electric Bike Classes

There are three different classes of electric bikes in the US. It is crucial that you know the difference between the three classes to ensure that the bike you buy is legal to ride in your area. Here is a brief overview of the three classes:

Class 1: Class 1 electric bikes are called "pedelec." The electric motor only engages when you pedal up to a limited top speed of 20 mph.

Class 2: These electric bikes are also restricted to 20 mph. But, they are also fitted with a throttle. The throttle mode allows you to ride without pedaling like a moped.

Class 3: These electric bikes work exactly the same as those in class 1. However, they have an assisted top speed restricted to 28 mph.


The Different Types Of Electric Bikes

With all these things in mind, it's now time to look at the different types of electric bikes that you can buy. This will help you narrow down your choices.


Electric Mountain Bikes

There are several types of electric mountain bikes. Some are best suited to light off-road trails, while others will allow you to make big alpine climbs and descents. Therefore to ensure you get the right electric mountain bike, you need to think about where you ride.

off road

If your local terrain is very mellow, you can get away with a hard-tail electric mountain bike. But if you ride in a place with lots of rugged terrain featuring jumps, drops, rocks, and roots, you'll need something with lots of suspension travel and robust construction.

Electric mountain bikes are great if you want to get to terrain that is too challenging or impossible to reach on a regular mountain bike. This may be due to the profile of your local landscape or your fitness level.


Electric Hybrid Bikes

Just like electric mountain bikes, there are many types of hybrid bikes with features that make them suitable for different uses. There are electric hybrid bikes that are designed to work best on smooth paved roads. But you can also buy hybrid electric bikes with fatter tires that allow you to ride on rough surfaces. These tires act like suspension creating a more comfortable ride while providing lots of grip on all surfaces.

Electric hybrid bikes tend to have flat handlebars and put you in comfortable upright riding positions; this means you can easily see dangers while riding in urban areas. You will find some electric hybrid bikes with cargo racks and mudguards, making them more user-friendly.


Electric Cargo Bikes

Fiido Cargo ebike

Electric cargo bikes share similarities with hybrid bikes. These bikes are excellent if you need to carry lots of things cheaply and efficiently. Many of them are designed to work best in urban areas. However, you can also find electric cargo bikes with fat tires, which add comfort and allow you to confidently ride on rough and loose surfaces.

There are a few different kinds of electric cargo bikes. Some simply use robust cargo racks mounted front and back. Others have specially shaped frames to create lots of load-carrying space. Most electric cargo bikes have a long wheelbase, increasing the load-carrying capacity. It also makes the bike more stable, which is essential when you have extra weight on your bike.


 Folding Electric Bikes

folding ebike

Folding electric bikes have hinges in their frames, allowing you to fold them to a compact size. These electric bikes offer many advantages over bikes with regular frames that are often enjoyed by commuters who live or work somewhere with limited space.

When they get to work, they don't have to leave their electric bike outside at the risk of getting it stolen. Instead, they can fold it up, take it inside, and find somewhere safe to put it, such as under a desk, in a cupboard, or in the corner of their office. Likewise, they can stash it under their bed or somewhere out of the way when they get home.

The compact size of a folding electric bike also means you can take it with you on public transportation or carry it in the trunk of your car. This is great for last-mile commutes, days out, or weekends away.


Electric Fat Bikes

Fat tire bikes

There are a few different types of electric fat bikes. At one end of the scale, you have the fat bike, which is a derivative of the mountain bike. These have extra-large tires that create a large contact patch with the ground, giving you lots of traction while spreading the weight of the bike and rider. This allows you to ride on soft services, such as snow, sand, and soft mud, which is what they were originally designed for.

You will also see fat tire versions of other electric bikes. The extra grip you get from these tires gives you lots of confidence from the safety they provide. The high volume of these tires also smooths out the ride quality, creating a more pleasant experience during your ride.


 Let's Recap

As you can see, you can buy many different types of electric bikes. But you can narrow down your choices by setting a budget, thinking about where and how long you ride for, and what your local laws permit.


Why not check out the Fiido online store to find your perfect first electric bike?


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