Always Evolving

Those who know about climbing should be very familiar with the name Stefano Ghisolfi, one of the world's best climbers. He was the champion of the 2021 Overall Lead World Cup, the first Italian climber to climb a 9b grade route, and the fourth climber globally to complete a 9b+ difficulty route.

Climbing has been called "ballet on a cliff" and can be traced back to 18th century Europe. As it has developed, it has evolved from a niche sport to a popular outdoor extreme sport, and has been included as an official competition event. Climbing not only requires high physical fitness, strength, body coordination, and climbing skills, but also presents a significant challenge to one's willpower and endurance. As a leading figure in contemporary climbing, Stefano has shown us the profound charm of this sport through his stunning achievements time and time again.

Now, Fiido is proud to announce that it has established a new and strong partnership with Stefano Ghisolfi since January 2023. Stefano Ghisolfi will serve as Fiido's global brand ambassador, and together we will promote the spirit of self-transcendence and self-evolution in sports. Stefano also fully anticipates this collaboration and says: "I am very excited to partner with Fiido. Like the Fiido brand, I firmly believe that as long as we keep challenging ourselves, we will keep evolving."



  • Winner of 2021 Overall Lead World Cup
  • 6 World Cup gold medals
  • First Italian climber to redpoint 5.15b *
  • Climbed four 5.15c climbs