With demand for e-bikes nearing a plateauing stage, now's the best time to get into the whole micro-mobility frenzy. The release of Titan is one more argument in favor of that, though it has very little in common with anything "micro."


Titan is a fat-tire bike, massive and bulky and, because of this, ideal for whatever adventures you have in mind both in and especially outside of the city. It's the promised two-wheel electric SUV from bike maker Fiido, announced late last year and available for pre-order as we speak.

Deliveries of Titan are scheduled to kick off soon, so now's the perfect moment to have a better look at its specs.

Fat-tire bikes are a dime a dozen these days and may have even lost their initial appeal with riders because of their increased presence on the micro-mobility market. Lest you think that Fiido is trying to jump on the fat-tire bandwagon, the company is eager to point out that, unlike other fat-tire bikes, Titan is designed like one from top to bottom.

Besides the 26-inch wheels clad in 4-inch fat tires, Titan brings several features meant to render it a safe, reliable machine no matter where you ride it.

The Fiido Titan is here as the electric two\-wheel SUV with insane range and maximum functionality
One would be the presence of 4-piston hydraulic brakes with thicker braking disks, ensuring instant stopping power for all 200 kg (441 lbs) of payload. Indeed, Titan offers 50 kg (110 lbs) more of payload than other similar machines. The other would be the one-piece wheels, designed for easier maintenance and overall longer durability.

Titan draws power from a powerful 750 W motor, peaking at well over 1,100 W and delivered locked to the EU standard 25 kph (15.5 mph) maximum speed to these territories. For non-EU territories, the motor is otherwise capable of hitting 28 mph (45 kph).

Motor assistance is smooth and intuitive thanks to the Fiido patented torque sensor, designed for cargo bikes. A 9-speed derailleur should make whatever terrain you come across on your adventures easily conquerable.

Range is estimated at 135 km (84 miles) in motor-assisted mode and can be increased to 400 km (248.5 miles) thanks to a dual-battery rack and the possibility of getting the range extenders with the bike. Bundling two batteries with a bike isn't unheard of, but this is the first time that we hear of an e-bike offering this kind of total range with help from three batteries. Titan is working overtime to live up to that "SUV" moniker, for sure.

Features also include an IP67 waterproof display in the center of the handlebars, 60mm adjustable shock absorbers in the front, front and rear lights, a Velo cargo bike saddle, and easy unlock either on the app or by means of a passcode. With all this talk about the safety of electric two-wheelers, it's worth mentioning that Titan comes with the UL 2849 stamp, the e-bike fire safety certification for the electrical drivetrain system.

With an aluminum frame and a weight of 29.5 kg (65 lbs), Titan is suitable for riders between 155 cm (5.0') and 200 cm (6.5'), thanks to the sloped downtube. Pricing starts at $1,699, which includes a bunch of free accessories like front and rear fenders, a rear rack, and a basket that you can throw over it and carry one week's worth of groceries in. The groceries aren't included. 

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